I took photos of musicians in a theatre auditorium, and found that the lighting on the stage helped me to create different effects in my photos, for example the stage had a background that could be made to change different colours according to lighting. Because of this I could control the background of my photos instead of just having white, and I found that because of the coloured lighting it almost framed the subject and made them stand out more in my photos. Also the front and back of stage lighting could be changed to how I wanted it, meaning I could experiment with silhouetting the band. As well as this having the band on the stage made them react more in my photos, and made them ‘play up’ to the camera; showing their personalities more, as they were more comfortable with this situation than being in a studio type area. I had intended to use props such as the bands instruments in my photos, however the band weren’t able to bring their own instruments and didn’t make me aware of this until it was too late for me to bring my own. I think that these photos were successful. Next time I will bring my own instruments and props to ensure that I have access to them should I want to use them.

These photos were part of a paid job for the band I photographed, and were published in the Halifax Courier.