In my project I will explore the issue of identity and the representation of identity among people, concentrating specifically on musicians and how they express and represent their identities. I will explore the idea of self-image and how people’s identities are revealed through onstage personas, and how musicians alter their identities for different purposes. I will also explore the differences in each person’s different identities in my project, and how identities differ from person to person within the same band.

The genre for my project will be people, specifically portraiture, but it could also fall into the editorial genre as my photos will be relevant for an editorial to show a study of identity.

I intend my work to be used in an editorial piece to show representations of identity. This could be either a publication editorial or online editorial, which would alter my target audience. If it my photos are used in a paper publication the target audience would be people in their twenties to thirties who specifically read magazines or newspapers.

However if it my photos are used in an online editorial the target audience would most likely be younger, as young people are more likely to read online than paper. My target audience also differs because the issue of identity would appeal to older people, however the photos themselves would appeal to younger people who have an interest in music and musicians.

I will complete my project digitally and in colour. I intend to use flash as the main light source as I have done this before and found it to be successful but want to explore this further with using other light sources as ambient lighting and other fill in flash. I will take my photos mostly on location, however I will also experiment with taking some in a studio setting.